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That was just my silly sense of humor. It does not matter what the matter of manifestation would be , the love and respect for the holiness of it all would transcend the illusion of the material form

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Well if buddha was a cat , he would try to become a vegetarian…:D just kidding.

Guess he would sleep on it and when he woke up he would try to be the best cat he could be…and then he would sleep on it some more and without getting side tracked by what other cats where doing he would try to be the best cat he could be and then sleep on it some more.

IF Buddha fell off his 4-wheeler after having a shitty few weeks he would say: Well…I ‘m glad I got that karma out of the way :D …. I don’t know what Buddha would say , but I am trying to think about it……

I found a quote from Bodhicharyavatara, which I am turning over like and multi-faceted stone.

“somehow I draw my enemies to me. They harm me, but my karma beings them there. And so they go to help because of me. I’m the one who sends them to their doom. “

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good point, in that case if I was enlightened and found myself in a cat or human body I'm not sure how long I would stay that way .... I would know better :D

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What would Buddha do ?

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